Aaron Rodgers Has Reached the Top of the Mountain Among NFL Quarterbacks

When it comes to being a prolific passer in NFL annals, quarterback Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers is simply the very best. No. 12 has done some things in the passing game that no NFL quarterback has ever done.

It stands to reason. Rodgers is the all-time leader in NFL career passer rating, with a mark of 106.4. No other quarterback in NFL history is above the 100 mark in their career.

This is based on at least 1,500 pass attempts.

Rodgers has had six straight seasons now of having a passer rating of over 100. That is unheard of.

But the statistic that really sets Rodgers apart from any quarterback that has ever played in the NFL is his touchdown pass to interception ratio.

Rodgers has thrown 231 touchdown passes in his career, versus just 57 picks. That puts Rodgers at a four to one ratio (4.05) in the touchdown pass to interception equation.

Truly incredible.

No NFL quarterback has even come close with their career numbers. Not one quarterback is even at the three to one ratio in throwing touchdown passes versus interceptions. Not one.

Let’s look at the stats from some of the all-time greats.

Peyton Manning

Quarterback Rating: 97.3

Touchdown Passes: 533

Interceptions: 236

TD Pass to Interception Ratio: 2.23

Steve Young

Quarterback Rating: 96.8

Touchdown Passes: 232

Interceptions: 107

TD Pass to Interception Ratio: 2.16

Tom Brady

Quarterback Rating: 96.2

Touchdown Passes: 399

Interceptions: 143

TD Pass to Interception Ratio: 2.79

Joe Montana

Quarterback Rating: 92.3

Touchdown Passes: 273

Interceptions: 139

TD Pass to Interception Ratio: 1.96

Dan Marino

Quarterback Rating: 86.4

Touchdown Passes: 420

Interceptions: 252

TD pass to Interception Ratio: 1.66

Brett Favre

Quarterback Rating: 86.0

Touchdown Passes: 508

Interceptions: 336

TD Pass to Interception Ratio: 1.51

John Elway

Quarterback Rating: 79.9

Touchdown Passes: 300

Interceptions: 226

TD Pass to Interception Ratio: 1.33

Johnny Unitas

Quarterback Rating: 78.2

Touchdown Passes: 290

Interceptions: 253

TD Pass to Interception Ratio: 1.15

If you compare those numbers with the ones Rodgers has put up, you can truly see how superb the play of No. 12 has been in Green Bay.

Rodgers has also stood out in the postseason. Rodgers has a passer rating of 101.0, which is only topped by Bart Starr (104.8) and Kurt Warner (102.8) in NFL postseason history.

Rodgers was the MVP of Super Bowl XLV and has thrown 23 touchdown passes versus seven interceptions in his career in the postseason.

That’s not quite at the 4.05 touchdown pass to interception mark that Rodgers has in his career in the regular season, but it’s still a 3.29 mark in the playoffs.

Rodgers is also working on an unbelievable streak that he has ongoing at Lambeau Field.

No. 12 hasn’t thrown an interception at Lambeau Field since December 2, 2012. Meanwhile, Rodgers has tossed 43 touchdown passes at the legendary stadium during that same time.

Yes, the two-time NFL MVP has truly gone where no NFL quarterback has gone before.

And Rodgers isn’t done yet.

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