All-Time Rushing Leaders in Wisconsin Badgers Football History

Jonathan Taylor in the Rose Bowl

Now that it’s official and Jonathan Taylor of the Wisconsin Badgers has announced that he is going to play in the NFL next season after his last game in the 2020 Rose Bowl, I thought I would be post the numbers that the top 15 running backs in Wisconsin history have put up.

The top 15 all rushed for more than 2,500 yards. 13 of them rushed for over 3,000 yards. Six of them rushed for over 4,000 yards. Three of them have rushed for over 5,000 yards. Two have rushed for over 6,000 yards. And one has rushed for over 7,000 yards.

You will note that 11 of the 15 top running backs all came after the Barry Alvarez era started at Wisconsin.

Two of the Wisconsin backs have won the Heisman Trophy. Alan Ameche in 1954 and Ron Dayne in 1999.

Four of the Badger backs have also won the Doak Walker Award. Ron Dayne in 1999, Montee Ball in 2012, Melvin Gordon in 2014 and Jonathan Taylor in both 2018 and 2019.

Here are the top 15 rushers in Wisconsin history:

1) Ron Dayne- 7,125 yards rushing and 71 touchdowns.

Ron Dayne in 1999 Rose Bowl

2) Jonathan Taylor- 6,174 yards rushing and 50 touchdowns.

Jonathan Taylor vs. Minnesota III

3) Montee Ball- 5,140 yards rushing and 77 touchdowns.

Montee Ball in the Rose Bowl

4) Melvin Gordon- 4,915 yards rushing and 45 touchdowns.

Melvin Gordon in the Outback Bowl

5) Anthony Davis- 4,676 yards rushing and 42 touchdowns.

Anthony Davis

6) James White- 4,015 yards rushing and 45 touchdowns.

James White

7) P.J. Hill- 3,942 yards rushing and 42 touchdowns.

P.J. Hill

8) Billy Marek- 3,709 yards rushing and 44 touchdowns.

Billy Marek II

9) Brent Moss- 3,428 yards rushing and 34 touchdowns.

Brent Moss 1994 Rose Bowl

10) Terrell Fletcher- 3,414 yards rushing and 25 touchdowns.

Terrell Fletcher

11) John Clay- 3,413 yards rushing and 41 touchdowns.

John Clay

12) Alan Ameche- 3,212 yards rushing and 25 touchdowns.

Alan Ameche III

13) Corey Clement- 3,092 yards rushing and 36 touchdowns.

Corey Clement

14) Larry Emery- 2,979 yards rushing and 19 touchdowns.

Larry Emery II

15) Rufus Ferguson- 2,814 yards rushing and 26 touchdowns.

Rufus Ferguson

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